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    With the launch of our latest
    StoreXpert software solution.
    Developed over 15 years.
    Sales Performance Dashboard
    Invaluable Conversion Data
    Co-ordinated Staff Planner
    Web accessible from any device
    Hosted service solution
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    Anytime, anywhere, any device
    Sales Performance Dashboard
    Real-time sales-floor data
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    Measure, manage, improve
    Invaluable Conversion Data
    Realise your opportunity
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    Optimising your productivity
    Co-ordinated Staff Planner
    Align staff to traffic

proven sales uplift of 5% - 10% through StoreTech solution

Our solution is installed at every major retail centre in the UK.

How it Works

Sales Performance Dashboard

Motivate Staff With Easy To Understand Dashboards
  • Are your stores "Always On"?
  • Is enthusiasm maintained throughout the day?
  • Is your performance affected by the presence of the store manager or the time of day?
  • Are your people working to achievable targets?

Our real-time dashboard reports on performance when it counts, as it happens.

You get the necessary information in a simple, intuitive and rapid manner, and at any level of your estate.

Reports focus on conversion data; sales alone show what you’ve achieved, conversion identifies what you’ve missed.

StoreTech develops programs around key metrics, drives focus, eliminates poor behaviours, and reduces the irrelevant ‘noise’.

Result: Your stores are "Always On".

  • Key Features:

    • Fully customisable metrics
    • Real-time updates
    • View store, area, region and estate
    • Set targets to any metric

Invaluable Conversion Data

Use Real Time Data To Improve Productivity And Sales
  • Can you objectively assess and react to performance issues?
  • Do Wednesday’s problems become next Tuesday’s excuses?
  • Are your people performing effectively?

Sales performance alone does not tell the whole story. Significant time is wasted in field management waiting for / compiling performance information and then investigating root causes.

Our in-store and enterprise-wide analytical tools allow retailers to objectively gauge performance and rapidly respond to issues.

At any time, you can see the performance of a store, a district, a region or the entire estate.

StoreTech can also produce standard or ad-hoc reports, and can automatically generate and email reports to field management on a defined schedule, effectively replacing your flash reporting.

  • Key Features:

    • Analyse performance throughout the day
    • Compare week to week, or collate any period
    • Export and turn data tables into charts
    • Set up auto email reporting

Co-ordinated Staff Planner

Enables Your Managers To Plan For Success
  • Are you using scheduling packages ill-suited to the high street retail environment?
  • Is your local planning co-ordinated to meet strategic targets?
  • Are you tasking at the right times?
  • Are you getting the maximum ROI on every £ spent on in-store labour?

If you’re not scheduling to traffic, you are missing opportunities.

Scheduling to traffic requires the collation of historical traffic patterns presented to the scheduler in a simple, intuitive manner – not easily achieved with pen and paper schedules, and stores will not embrace complex tools.

Our staff planner application is simply the most appropriate scheduling tool for high street retail on the market today.

StoreTech allows the ‘right’ amount of functionality to allow store managers to quickly create schedules that align staff to traffic and maximise the store’s potential.

  • Key Features:

    • Align staff to historical traffic patterns
    • Create rota templates
    • Ensures labour budgets are met
    • Import staff data and export rotas to payroll systems

Operationalising in-store retail analytics

Staff scheduling; the easy way

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